Beliefs Statement

St. Anthony of Padua School:

Beliefs Statement

We believe…


We believe the purpose of a Catholic school is to help children grow and learn within an integrated faith experience.

We believe that each student can learn and achieve his/her potential by being actively engaged in the learning process.

We believe teachers should be dedicated to increasing student performance while adapting to students’ individual academic needs and utilizing current teaching trends and technology.

We believe that teachers should relay standards and objectives for each course taught and implement formal assessment of student mastery for the core curriculum areas.

We believe intervention should result from formal assessment of student achievement and should be designed to correlate to specific student needs.

We believe continuous improvement should be a major goal of teachers in instructing students; administrators in setting the tone/path for the school; and, diocesan/district officials in overseeing the school system.

We believe administrators, teachers, and parents should work together to promote self-discipline within the students so that they may develop their God-given potential and be prepared for their future roles as responsible members of the Church, local, and global communities.